RCON / GSP Foundation

Your provider doesn't allow server-side mods? No problem. ArmAdmin maintains a constant RCON connection to your server, collecting statistics and allowing you to monitor operations all day, every day. Nobody hates service provider limitations more than we do! Empower yourself.

Communities & Permissions

One admin per gaming community is old school thinking. These days it takes more than one iron-man to admin a busy server, or several servers at the same time. ArmAdmin allows you to bring in all your moderators and admins in to one community and set their privilege levels appropriately at no extra cost or penalisation. All while you maintain ultimate control.

Server-side Addon

RCON isn't enough? We understand. Running a server or multiple servers isn't just about user count but the time you put in to building them. That's why performance counts - and we have a server add-on that monitors and graphs your server statistics (memory, disk, cpu, objects, territories, vehicles and more).

Web Browser

Downloading and installing programs on to your computer is a thing of the past. ArmAdmin is 100% web-based and can be accessed securely from anywhere. All browsers are supported and will enable you and your team to monitor & resolve problems as they arise.

Mobile Browser

First and foremost ArmAdmin supports mobile devices. Every feature and function that you can perform on your PC/Mac/Linux machine is supported on your mobile device. Admin on the bus, train, meeting, sauna? Done. Managing day to day operations has never been easier.