What is ArmAdmin?

ArmAdmin is a web-based remote administration console for Arma. It fully supports the RCON protocol and in addition to this, it does not require any changes to be made to the server configuration or mission files, but if you want server side addons we have that too! ArmAdmin features the following functionality:

- Simple but powerful dashboard control interface
- Online and monitoring all day, all day every day - 24/7/365
- Community support. Multiple users under one account.
- Full RCON protocol support
- Full server side addon support
- Real-time sidechat activity
- Discord webhook support - relay server events to your Discord server!
- Unlimited, categorised and searchable logging of sidechat activity
- Works on any device and any web browser
- Task scheduling
- Unlimited historic logging of player counts
- Fully customisable chat keyword match system
- Unlimited, categorised and searchable logging of keyword matches
- Logging of player information including IP address, BattlEye GUID, time/date and geographic location
- List of all active online players including IP address, port, BattlEye GUID and geographic location
- Remote shutdown and restart functionality
- Remote kick/ban functionality
- Dark/Night mode theme
- Multi-user task scheduling and management system
- Quick to see active player count
- Sleek easy to use interface!
- And of course first class support over email and discord!

What is the cost of registration?

Registration is free. You can sign up immediately and add your server in the control panel. The server will come under monitoring instantly and you can begin viewing/collecting statistics.

RCON is great, but what about server side add-ons?

The main reason ArmAdmin was created is because many GSP's (Game Server Providers) won't let you load server side monitoring utilities. ArmAdmin allows you to monitor and interact with your server regardless of restrictions placed upon you by your provider.
But, if your provider does allow these mods or you have your own server then we also have an optional server side addon. It will allow you to monitor your inner-most server statistics including RAM, CPU, Disk, Territory/Flag count, Map world object count, Map vehicle count and much more!

My GSP (Game Server Provider) doesn't allow me to use your addon but I really want it

First of all we recommend you raise a help ticket with you provider and point them to the ArmAdmin website. We are fully willing to work with GSP's (who are almost always awesome guys) and partner with them to allow them to see and understand that we are also in the business of pleasing the customer. If you are a GSP or would like to refer your provider to us please ask them to send an email to gsp@armadmin[.]net.

What pricing model do you operate?

We run a monthly subscription model which can be canceled at any time of your choosing. The baseline tier allows you to add unlimited users under a 1 server limit, which is priced at US$7 every 30 days. The top tier model allows you to add unlimited users and unlimited servers to your community for US$10 for 30 days.
We also offer discounted rates for medium-term subscriptions.
All subscription levels enable all features in ArmAdmin!